Welcome to aTRIAL.

The aTRIAL system, developed by CERES GmbH evaluation & research, is a secure internet-based Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system, designed to collect data for clinical studies on medical devices.

CERES GmbH evaluation & research

aTRIAL's data model is based on the Operational Data Model (ODM) for clinical study data which was developed by the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) as a standard to support the acquisition, exchange, submission and archive of clinical research data and metadata.

aTRIAL reliably collects clinical data, and offers further advantages, such as:

  • secure, encrypted, traceable and paperless documentation
  • central data acquisition for both single- and multi-centre studies
  • accurately-tracked recruitment progress
  • prevention of common recording errors
  • timely availability of data collected

aTRIAL increases the efficiency of data collection, significantly reducing the associated costs. The easy-to-use, modular aTRIAL system contains:

  • case report forms (CRFs) to be designed individually
  • user groups (primary investigator, clinical investigator, sponsor) with specific user rights
  • platform-independent online access

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